Message of the Desk of the Founder & President Prof.Abdul Haq

It is a matter of great pleasure to see that in a short span of time, Ariana Institute of Higher Education has succeeded in achieving that very objective for which it was established in the year 2006 and that is no doubt bridging the gap between the knowledge gained through academic learning, and the dynamic skills required in industry, business, Medical, government organizations, and other areas of society. Since its inception, the University has passed through numerous ups and downs, but with the grace of Almighty ALLAH, and untiring efforts of the management and faculty, we not only successfully overcame the obstacles and hurdles in our way, but also kept the University on the path of progress and development. A I H E has been very active in promoting and hosting conferences, guest lectures, seminars and various workshops for better understanding and further learning of students beyond the classroom. A I H E plans on working nationally and internationally on student exchange programs, research projects and teachers-exchange programs; currently paving its way towards achieving a distinctive status. Today our graduates are effectively serving various Multi-National Compa- nies and Organizations at Provincial and National levels in different capacities, whereas many joined foreign universities for higher studies. The University is striving to provide relevant and purposeful education to its existing students preparing them to confront challenges in this competitive world. Ariana Institute of Higher Education is not just addressing the issues of professional environment such as purpose-built campus, air-conditioned classrooms, and well equipped laboratories but, more importantly, it is concentrating on the most critical issues like faculty development, curricula tailored to latest innovations and present-day demands, quality enhancement, effective teaching and evaluation and character building. In the years to come, I foresee Ariana Institute of Higher Education in the top ranking universities of Afghanistan and wish a glaring future to it.