ABOUT / School of BS-Economics & Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration is akin to produce professionals suitable for the emerging needs of the market. We strongly believe that the educational environment, curriculum and teaching methodologies must lead to instilment of ethical and moral values coherent with the cultural and religious norms of our society. To achieve these objectives, the programs offered by the Department of Business Administration place a strong emphasis on ethical values. The Business Administration Department offers an array of different programs which includes BBA (Honors), and BS-Economics programs. In an era of globalization, the need of business education is vital for the success of any business. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to impart knowledge and our programs are designed in such a balanced way that they not only cover the academic aspect but also provide the opportunity of research and interaction with business and industry. Our emphasis on actual existing problems and practical yet rigorous research analysis has played a large role in establishing us as a premier research oriented learning center. Apart from that, Ariana Institute of Higher Education is a place with countless opportunities. The purpose built campus with state-of-the-art facilities provides a unique learning experience for the students and help them grow both personally and intellectually. Vision: To become a school of Economics education producing high quality Economics graduates with professional skills. Mission To seek association of high caliber faculty with enthusiasm of developing student’s attitude and enabling them to acquire professional knowledge for self-building. Inspire students for learning managerial skills thereby strengthening their professional command. Prepare students for meeting emerging Economic and entrepreneurial challenges at global level. Building confidence among the students for independently undertaking responsibilities of organizational success with proven ability. Values Quality Education, Innovative Knowledge dissemination, Students Career Planning, Integrity. FACULTY : School of Business Administration and BS Economics:- Our Schools employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the Mission and Goals of Ariana Institute of Higher Education. Currently, there are 35 full time and part time faculty members consisting of Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Professors.


Creating a trusted environment which to the world level of higher educational facilities in the field of business, administration and financial banking is provided within the framework of Ariana Institute of Higher Education whose graduates are highly qualified nationally and globally.


The teaching and leadership team of economics faculty is committed to organize and provide high quality educational services in accordance with the general strategy of Ariana Institute of Higher Education in its best way. Additionally, to develop and improve the teaching process of research and capacity building of Cadre staff.